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Welcome to the online training course "Introduction to the Northeast of Brazil”!

The CTI Northeast (Northeast Integrated Tourism Commission), which is formed by official tourism bodies of the nine states which make up Brazil’s Northeast Region, have prepared this online training course "Introduction to the Northeast of Brazil” to promote this region. For it’s natural beauty alone, Brazil’s Northeast is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

Beyond its natural wonders, the Northeast region stands out for its cultural richness which is obvious in its folklore, born from the mixing of European, African and Indigenous cultures.

A land of sun, happiness, hospitality, opportunities to kick-back but also to make investments, the Northeast has something for everybody, whether visiting on holiday or for business purposes.

On finishing the online course "Introduction to the NorthEast of Brazil”, you can further your knowledge by completing the modules dedicated exclusively to some of the Brazilian northeast states which you will see listed on the left hand side.

By taking part you will gain a panoramic view of this enchanting region of Brazil. Although the best thing would be to visit it yourself, seek out its attractions and meet its welcoming people.

Enjoy the course!


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