New Clients
We offer various promotional facilities on our training website including white label version, so we can create your course and we will provide you with a URL to land only and exclusively on your tier training module.  We can create your courses or we can host your existing training modules, we offer full flexibility.

BOT - Bossa Online Training is the market leader in providing online travel training to the travel trade in many countries and languages. We offer a selection of training courses and have an extensive database of travel agents already registered in many countries, our courses range from destination training to airlines, hotels & resort, tour operators, travel services providers and many more.

What We Offer:
  • Our online courses are quick and easy to create and we offer you the option of creating your own course or we can create it to your specifications
  • We can host your existing external online training modules
  • We promote your online training to thousands of travel professionals across the globe, increasing their product knowledge, sales confidence and allows them to sell your product more effectively
  • Our training courses complement your existing trade marketing and provide you with a wide range of marketing opportunities via our global offices and media relationships 
  • BOT - Bossa Online Training courses attract high levels of member engagement resulting in excellent ROI 
  • We can create and promote your online training in any language to any audience globally
  • We offer a bespoke course design and white-labelling facilities
  • Our courses are also suitable for in-house training, sales courses, e-learning in general and can be used for many purposes

If you are interested in our online training platform tor to have your external training course promoted on BOT - Bossa Online Training, please contact us.

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